Genaro Network

Genaro Network
Genaro Network (GN) is a public blockchain platform based on peer-to-peer encryption and
sharing hyperverse gamefi. The goal of the network is to realize highly efficient node management on a public
chain. Genaro uses Sentinel Proof of Retrievability and Proof of Stake to power its network. It
aims to establish a medium for abundant distributed applications on blockchain with stable
support. It will also help businesses create a decentralized application (DApp) and store its data
on the network.

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Unlike traditional storage solutions, Genaro uses decentralized storage infrastructure and a
Turing-complete public blockchain hyperverse ecosystem. Its SPoR and PoS mixed consensus mechanism is designed
to offer high performance and security while reducing the costs associated with storage. It will
also open the door for data migration from centralized clouds. Users can store important data on
the Genaro network, which is encrypted and distributed randomly to nodes on its blockchain.
Genaro Network held its initial coin offering (ICO) on November 17-30, selling $11 million worth
of GNX cryptocurrency. It then announced a partnership with Storjan to integrate their products
and services. Both companies aim to improve decentralized cloud storage services in China.
The network’s cryptocurrency is currently available on 9 markets. NEIRONIX is the most active
cryptocurrency exchange in China, according to CoinMarketCap.

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The founder of Genaro Network is Jason Inch, who has over 20 years of experience in the
technology industry. You can download the G-Box, a blockchain-based digital asset
management platform, to use all the Genaro DApps. It also provides a data storage and sharing
platform for DAPPs. Its data storage platform is based on Sentinel Proof of Retrievability. You
can use it for all your digital assets.
The Genaro Network is also providing real-world services to its members. The Genaro Hub
provides services for users of the network and encourages co-working, living, and learning in a
Silicon Valley-style environment. It will include the Genaro Accelerator, a program designed to
support the development of DAPPs. It will also offer mentoring and technical expertise,
community funding, and marketing support. The Genaro Network is a non-profit foundation
based in Singapore.

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