Full-length album 2016


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“For almost three decades now, Nibs van der Spuy has consistently connected cultural borders between the African continent and his frequently travelled Europe. Having collaborated, toured and recorded with countless artists from around the world, Nibs has become synonymous with this immensely important unification. With Natalia, he returns with a complete re-invention of himself with largely only sparse accompaniment allowing the listener to directly focus on the beautiful, humble soul and warming simplicity at the centre of his song writing.

The name Natalia is a feminal metaphor for his treasured Kwa-Zulu Natal where he has spent most of his life in South Africa. The album breathes these entrancing sceneries into it’s every corner creating a new language of almost physical musicality. The interiors lush rolling hills, the sweeping expanse of Zululand, the continuous song of Durban’s city centre, the neighboring Hindu temples and rural churches. The virescent Indian Ocean coastline is almost tangible. It’s all here.

Gentle, endearing, visceral, and profoundly rooted, Natalia is a charming and unassuming bed sit immersion of all that we live and love about the New South Africa.” – Guy Buttery


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