Crossing Borders, Driving North


Deluxe 2CD Anthology 2013


Product Description

In June 2013, Nibs released his first comprehensive anthology album (1998 – 2010), ‘Crossing Borders, Driving north’. This re-mastered 2 CD package includes his creative highlights, spanning a 15 year recording period.

Disc 1 features riveting performances taken from his illustrious 9 solo albums, featuring such gems as, ‘Counting Stars’, ‘Beautiful Feet’, Anna Rosa’, Felix’, ‘May you shine’ and ’Cry for you’.

Disc 2 is entitled, ‘Catching Trains’ – Nibs solo live through Europe. This traces his footsteps through numerous tours through France, Germany and the UK. Never released before, these selections of ‘live’ performance were handpicked by Nibs himself. They feature him in intimate theaters, music halls, open air festivals and within the walls of a maximum security prison.


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